Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Motorcycle Riding (Honest Review) 2022

When you are excited to listen to music or attend calls while you are on your two-wheeler, the Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Motorcycle Riding will enhance your pleasure in the excitement of your ride. The only thing lacking is some playlist that makes you feel good. But how can you listen to songs in that helmet? Leave it on as you possibly can now get hands-on best Bluetooth earbuds for motorcycles.
Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Motorcycle

Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Motorcycle Riding (Honest Review) in 2022

  1. Treblab X3 Pro Review 2022 – Best Motorcycle Earbuds

Treblab X3 Pro
Treblab X3 Pro

The Treblab X3 Pro wireless sweatproof earbuds sleep firmly around your ear when you’re in movement. They make a fast Pairing with IOS or ANDROID OS

The X3 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds for Motorcycle can pair with any device within the range of 33 ft, so you may go into an apartment for working or taking a glass of water without breaking the signals of Bluetooth connectivity.

                    Main Highlights:-

  • Design

The style of these Bluetooth earbuds is awesome! A dark color gives a hint of shine, these are generally a rounded shape that fits brilliantly to your ear. These Bluetooth earbuds are lightweight, and simple to make use of.

Treblab has designed these earbuds with energetic folks in mind, so we tested them on a 5K run and gymnasium workout, and we were also impressed. The earbuds didn’t fall out from the ears also remains stable in place. The sleek and tiny design is ideal for running, walking, and gymnasium sessions, and you’ll look great whenever you work out!

  • Fit & Comfort

Treblab X3 Pro is designed for better convenience, with rubber ear hooks that gently grip your ears. Treblab X3 Pro attains excellent comfort with ear hooks that gently grab your earlobes. Practically, you feel them barely. Their ergonomic design makes them comfortable while on the go, and you barely feel them in the ears, no complaints here.

Facial expressions may also break the seal of Treblab X3 with your ears. Whenever you smile or talk loudly, the muscles pull your earlobes upwards. Since these earbuds have ear hooks, any movement may lose their grip but the ear hooks with earlobe make a fit with ears.

  • Sound Quality

In the beginning, I really could not get a punchy sound, but that was due to the result of ill-fitting. The moment I turned how big is the ear tip, powerful production arrived into play.

I was genuinely impressed by its result. The sound is clear, vibrant to be able to hear even those smallest records in the music. The audio quality also remains quite sharp and nice.

When attending a call or listening to music, the sounds also remain crisp and sharp, allowing you to enjoy your favorite songs. As the Treblab X3 Pro is a tiny earbud, it doesn’t deliver much on bass, but this is not a priority for most people using these earbuds.

  • Microphone High Quality

X3 Pro boasts cVc™ Noise Cancellation tech 8.0, which allows the mic to deliver better voice quality. Treblab X3 Pro is equipped with a microphone that is the best in the industry.

And after vigorously testing the bud’s experience that is on-call I significantly agree with that claim. The thing that is worst about using headphones under a bike helmet is they could be jarring. It’s simple to snap up Treblab X3 Pro to get on it.

  • Noise Isolation

The Treblab X3 Pro offers pretty passive noise isolation. Upon doing that, the separation is great, undoubtedly on par with other earbuds that are in-ear. They offer no ambient sound mode or active noise cancelation on board, which is common in pricy range Earbuds.

The passive noise isolation enables you to focus on your music and forget about the ambient noise. When you listen to the music on the go and don’t move their ears, then their fit is fine.

  • IPX7 Rated Water-Resistant

For some customers, water resistance on earphones isn’t required. However, if you might be a sportsman, things will vary. A good amount of sweating can certainly induce muffled noises.

Perhaps this is the reason this Treblab X3 Pro is IPX7 rated waterproof. Therefore, you can easily withstand an unexpected rainstorm or huge sweat during the workout session.

  • Connectivity

These best Bluetooth earbuds for motorcycle riding have Bluetooth 5.0, with Qualcomm QCC Chipset with aptX technology that allows pairing with iPhone and Android.

Although the charging case is just manufactured from hard plastic. The package comes with three sizes of silicone ear guidelines, namely Small, Medium, and Large, to ensure that you get a protected and comfortable fit also while jogging.

  • Battery Life

They deliver up to 9 hours on a full charge and up to 5 times extra charges with charging cases. So, you get up to 45 hours of charge battery life with just 2 hours of charging time. In addition to this, it comes with a USB type-A to USB type-C recharging cable to charge the charging case.

Pros & Cons

  • True-HD sound

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Passive noise isolation

  • Combined 30 hours of listening time.

  • Without separate controls.

  • Accessible in one color only.

Buying Reason
Those people who make a plan for trips for long travel, get a pair of Treblab X3 Pro. These earbuds offer playtime for up to 9 hours on a single charge. The charging case provides 4 more refills to again boost your best Bluetooth earbuds for motorcycle riding.

 However, if you’re willing to pay for more there are also more best Bluetooth earbuds for motorcycles available. The Edifier TW6 True Wireless Earbuds provide somewhat more dynamic audio and tend to be more expensive. If you’re willing to display an extra then the Jaybird Vista 2 True Wireless Sport Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Case provides more aggressive audio and comes with advanced active noise cancellation features.


  1. Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds Review 2022: SweatProof Bluetooth For Riding 

Bose SoundSport Wireless
Bose SoundSport Wireless

When you explore the internet for cute choices of the best earbuds or earphones for the best Bluetooth earbuds for motorcycles, you will discover Bose. They arrive with one-of-a-kind ideas to develop a great seal, helping to make yes they stay static in your ears even though you move.

                           Main Highlights:-

Build and comfort

The Bose SoundSport Wirelesses are more relaxable wireless in-ear earbuds, they are comfortable to wear. The smooth silicone rubber hooks trace the essential lines regarding the ear, making the fit safe enough for operating or visiting the gym.

Even though you don’t worry about the sports side, the hooks are very important because, even though the remote is tiny, the Bose SoundSport wireless earbuds are rather large. The battery life is average is up to six hours.

The Bose SoundSport Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are very solid, though, able to take on offices, trains, and also bikes without falling from ears.


The Bose soundsport is perfect for awesome sound quality too– the kind of effective, punchy bass might get you a bit faster running.

These earbuds are dynamic while making music sound lively. They’re more fantastic and could get greater tonal fidelity in the bass from non-wireless earphones or headsets at this cost, the SoundSport Wirelesses don’t come off poorly into the comparison.

Bose features managed to craft a signature that is sound with no glaring flaws: no harshness, great information with no obvious give attention to one an element of the frequency spectrum that may change some of you off.

Solid dynamics make the music sound lively also: it is not merely down seriously to the lovely bass.

Sweat and Water Resistant

The Bose SoundSport Wireless Earbuds are weather-resistant, you may walk in the rain or do work without worry that your wireless earbuds may stop working. People who usually obtain phone calls are going to be set for a delicacy. By putting on these Bluetooth headsets with a mic, you can respond in a hands-free means and hence keep your concentrate on the road ahead. These are generally also appropriate for Skype and FaceTime for personal and company phone calls.

Battery life

The Soundsports Bluetooth wireless earbuds have an integrated battery that supplies 6 hours of playtime; which is 2 hours longer than the Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, but 2 hours less than the JBL Under Armour Flash, Sports Earbuds.


The quality of sound through the Bose SoundSport is excellent. They are great-sounding earbuds when you use them in a quiet environment.

According to some users, their charging case is a little bit bulky than others. But the SoundSport Free True Wireless Earbuds has a compact battery life-bearing of about 15 hours battery life as a whole. These earbuds themselves last about 4 to 5 hours within our assessment, which will be rather great in comparison to competitors.

Pros & Cons

  • Great ear tips for a comfortable fit.

  • Durability.

  • Great microphone.

  • Telephone call answer option.

  • Look protruding and bulky.

  • No noise cancellation.

  • Awkwardly located controls.

Buying Reason
Despite their charging bulk Design, the Bose Soundsports are comfortable to wear and provide a crystal uninterrupted sound, whether you are on the go or sitting in an office, or at home. Eventually, call quality is great, the Sound will come in a clear and loud manner, and our voice surely could be acquired outside without problem.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Honest Review 2022: Impressive Sound True Wireless Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

They arrive with 3 mics for noise-free calls. Furthermore, these earbuds are modified to the level for which you hear background sound most comfortably. Simply change the volume for ambient noises up or down, based on exactly how heavy the traffic is.


The Galaxy Buds Plus comes similar to their predecessor design. They show up in purple, white, blue, and black colored, and you may manage to discover a color that meets your sense of style.

A larger nub to hold the earbuds in place from falling out if they’re falling out or a rubber ring when you do not wear nub and a rubber ring if you don’t want any nub on the outer edges of the buds in terms of customization, inside the box you’ll find ear tips in 3 various sizes.

On the outside of earbuds, you’ll find the touch-sensitive button that will be capacitive to understand the single, double and triple press on. The long press activates your virtual assistant, lowers the volume, or turns on ambient noise.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ produces an open and expansive sound with a decent feeling of scale. Bass weight is judged really, as it is the balance that is overall. There’s a slight sign of stiffness, but you couldn’t classify it as harsh

Wireless Charging Case

The charging case is relatively light and smooth with curved sides. It should fit fairly quickly in your pocket and offers an additional charge to these earbuds in the middle uses. The charging case uses USB-C, like Samsung’s flagship mobile phones, therefore you won’t need to carry a separate cable.

Battery life and connectivity

The Galaxy Buds Plus supports a far longer battery life than the original galaxy earbuds. These earbuds themselves contain 11 hours of charging, while the charging case provides an extra 11 hours, so, they support total battery life is up to 22 hours.

That 11-hour battery life of these earbuds is really pretty– however this charging is not enough, For comparison, the Apple AirPods have 5 hours battery life, 20 hours with a charging case so a total of 25 hours of playtime with a charging case.

In terms of wireless connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 provides a stable wireless link that never dropped on, even in crowded areas.

Build Features

The earbuds today utilize a driver that is dual in each earpiece.  Samsung was able to keep carefully the earpieces with true-wireless standards. They’re lightweight too – you may forget you’ve got them in place. They are available in white and blue finishing on Amazon.

. They support no noise-canceling feature as in the Galaxy Buds+, therefore a good seal is needed to isolate yourself from outside chatter.

The top of each earbud has a sensitive touch control as used in the Amazon Echo Buds and the Sony WF-1000XM3s. Tapping and holding your hand activates your voice assistant of choice, Siri or Google Assistant.

You may also double-tap the right edge of the earbuds to increase volume and also the left to reduce it.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ headphones feature a brand new three-mic setup for using phone calls – one inner mic as well as 2 outer.

Pros & Cons

  • 3 mics available

  • Ambient noise adaptability

  • Quick charging

  • iOS compatible.

  • Expensive

  • Bad splash resistance.

Buying Reason
So, the key point is that each bud has a unique dynamic speaker with a tweeter and a woofer. They deliver full highs and lows, making a difference in your listening experience when you put these earbuds on. The chances are, you will drive your motorcycle for 11-hour as your battery permits you.

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